Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on House Hunger Bill

The House Rules Committee scheduled a meeting at 3pm Wednesday, Sept. 18, to approve a rule for debating the nutrition bill. That would clear the way for the House to debate the nutrition bill on

The Congressional Budget Office  (CBO) score for the bill was released, confirming that the cut to SNAP would be $39 billion over 10 years. According to CBO

  • the change to work waivers would cause about 2 million individuals to lose SNAP eligibility in 2014. 
  • this is on top of the cuts included in the committee-passed bill that would cause more than 2 million people to lose eligibility under the categorical eligibility cut
  • in total, over 4 million individuals would lose eligibility under the nutrition bill
  • in addition, 850,000 households would lose an average $90 per month in benefits under the Heat and Eat cut.
  • 210,000 children would lose free school meals under the categorical eligibility cut
  • at the same time, states would have fewer resources for SNAP nutrition education, which helps participants maximize nutrition on a limited food budget, at a time when participants are seeing their benefits cut.
For more information about the bill that will enact these terrible cuts, visit our previous blog post.

Write to your Representative here.  Tell them to vote against leaving millions of people hungry.