Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Come join us for a weekend of education and advocacy in Washington, DC!

Confronting Chaos, Forging Community
Racism, Materialism and Militarism
April 21-24
Washington, DC

Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day – Friday, April 21 8:00 – 4:30
Join fellow Presbyterians to learn what the Presbyterian Church (USA) and its partners are doing to forge community in this chaotic time.   Learn skills and strategies you can take back to your church and your community to combat the ills of racism, materialism and militarism.

Ecumenical Advocacy Days – April 21-24
After Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day join hundreds of our ecumenical brothers and sisters for a weekend of study, action, and advocacy. 

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 New Panelist Speaker Announced for Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day

Stephanie Quintana-Martinez

Stephanie Quintana-Martinez was born and raised in AƱasco, Puerto Rico. For several years, Steph worked on issues of immigration justice on the US-Mexico border as a community organizer and social/legal services provider. When Steph is not busy studying Divinity at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, she is organizing, promoting radical self-care, and reading poetry.

Compassion Peace and Justice Training  Day Sample Workshops:

Creating Spaces of Welcome:  Acting in solidarity with refugees and immigrants of all faiths and nationalities

The PCUSA is a denomination with a majority white, U.S.-born membership. Congregations concerned about the racism and isolationism that permeates current immigration policy are often at a loss about how to step into the public debate, how to win over fellow members, and how to develop a message and strategy as allies with Muslim refugees, Central American asylum seekers and others. This is a “nuts & bolts” workshop designed for congregations who are just starting to become more publicly visible/active on the rights of refugees and migrants and/or those who wish to “step it up” due to the policy shifts under the Trump administration and new US Congress and rising acts of hostility and xenophobia toward immigrants and refugees.
Susan Krehbiel, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Amanda Craft, Immigration Office, Office of the General Assembly

Doctrine of Discovery and Propagation of the Christian Empire

The 222nd General Assembly (2016) acted to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery.  Why don't we know more about it? Sometimes our histories are hidden so long by racism, cultural alienation and political manipulation, they get forgotten.  The story of the Doctrine of Discovery, also known as the Doctrine of Christian Domination, has been untold for centuries although it has been foundational to international land law for the past 500 years and is even codified in the US Constitution.  In an era of truth telling, we must ask its past and present impact on Native American tribes and individuals.  How can Presbyterians support American Indian rights of sovereignty and redress for past oppression of legal structures based on the Doctrine of Discovery?  
Elona Street-Stewart, Delaware Nanticoke, Synod Executive, Synod of Lakes and Prairies

For the Living of These Days: Hope and Courage in Difficult Times

What gives us hope when life becomes challenging? Where do we find courage in fear-filled times? How do we develop the resiliency to live faithfully as followers of Jesus? This interactive workshop will focus on equipping participants to lean into and claim power in what portend to be very difficult days.
Sara Lisherness, Director, Compassion, Peace, and Justice;
Mark Koenig, Leader Development, Racial Justice, and Networking

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