Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Action Alert: Tell the House to Vote NO on Fast Track!

On May 22nd, the Senate voted to approve Trade Promotion Authority, a trade bill commonly known as "Fast Track". In the coming weeks, the House will now consider this bill - but its passage if far from certain.
Advocates like you have made a big difference in taking a stand for just trade practices. As a result of your calls, emails and letters, many of "Fast Track's" potential side effects have been exposed. Concerns over currency manipulation and human rights violations were discussed on the Senate floor, and the debate left many representatives questioning if there truly were any benefits of a "Fast Track" bill.
"Fast Track" is an undemocratic legislative procedure that will serve to usher in major trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with limited debate an no amendments. The TPP has been negotiated almost entirely in secret with no transparency or accountability. And, what we have gathered from leaked documents  is troubling. If the TPP passes, it would rewrite the rules for health, labor, the environment and food standards. While corporations will stand to benefit, the average citizen will not.
Contact your representative in Congress now and tell them to vote NO on the upcoming "Fast Track" vote. Join the National Call-In Day to unite with other advocates and let our message be heard!
Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II, Director of the Office of Public Witness, has said the following on the upcoming vote in congress:
"The Senate vote to pass "Fast Track" is a commitment to continue a broken trading system. The door is open for more corporate lobbying and secret negotiating that fosters prosperity for corporate interest over public interest. We have witnessed this in the negotiations of flawed trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, through "Fast Track", stands to threaten labor, health, and environmental regulations. As a community of justice-seekers, the Presbyterian Church (USA) will not remain silent while the greater good remains under duress. We urge our representatives in the House to vote down “Fast Track” at this critical point in time."
Call your representative today: tell them to vote NO on Fast Track!
To learn more about Fast Track and the TPP, join our office in partnership with the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment for a webinar! Speakers will provide an update on upcoming actions in DC, and offer simple ways to be an advocate in your home town! Follow the Office of Public Witness on Facebook for upcoming registration information.

Webinar: A Faithful Response to Fast Track
June 10th 12pm (EST)/ 9am (PST)