Monday, April 20, 2015

Washington Report to Presbyterians Spring 2015

Click here to view or download the complete Washington Report to Presbyterians (PDF document).


By the Reverend J. Herbert Nelson

In the United States of America, we incarcerate more people than anywhere else in the world. While the U.S. is home to five percent of the world’s population, we nonetheless incarcerate 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Read more…

Featuring Former OPW Intern Jessica Tate and What’s NEXT for the Church?

NEXT Church is a network of leaders across the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) who are trying to figure out what it means to be God’s faithful church in the 21st Century. Read more…

OPW Staff highlight a few recent victories for the church’s public witness ministry, including:

·      Victory on Establishing Diplomatic Relations with Cuba
·      Standing with Low-Wage Workers
·      Nuclear Non-Proliferation in Iran
·      A Step in Addressing Global Climate Change

The Office of Public Witness is currently hosting an art exhibition titled “Homeless” by Presbyterian member Lucy Janjigian. These 18 paintings represent the trials and sorrows of people living with homelessness. They deal eloquently with real-life tragedies. Read more…

Presbyterians in the National Capital region are invited to come view the exhibition. Please contact to let us know you are expected.

Meet this Spring’s amazing group of young adult service learners. Read more…

The PC(USA) Office of Public Witness in April 2015 is releasing a new “Young Adult Engagement Report, 2012-2015,” in which we review the fruits of the last three years of ministry to and with youth and young adults. Through three projects, the OPW reports having engaged with over 5,000 youth and young adults in the 3-year period. These programs are:

1.     A Justice Model for Service Learning
2.     Seminars to Build Advocates for Justice
3.     Conferences and Outreach

The overwhelming conclusion is that this ministry is a blessing ot the work of the OPW, which will renew its commitment to providing educational and experiential learning opportunities for youth and young adults. To download the complete report, please click here.