Thursday, January 22, 2015

Action Alert: Call Now to Stop Fast Track
As a community of faith with  partners abroad and in our own country who suffer from unemployment, disease, poverty and environmental degradation, our priorities rest with the poorest of the poor.  Those who are most marginalized are disproportionately affected by bad trade agreements. Together let us caution our representatives against an economy of exclusion. 

Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would pose a grave risk to good-paying jobs and economic equality in the United States and beyond.  Please participate in today's National Call-in Day against Fast Track by calling your Representative now at (888) 804-8311 and urging them to oppose Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The TPP has been negotiated in secret and has still not been released to the public.  Meanwhile, hundreds of corporate lobbyists have been granted access to the texts and have, in fact, been enlisted to help write them. This is not something that should be rushed through the approval process. 

We cannot afford for Congress to Fast Track a "NAFTA of the Pacific" that offshores jobs, drives down wages in the jobs that are left and reduces revenues for our schools, roads and bridges, while also giving transnational corporations the power to attack our environmental, consumer and other public interest policies. 

Call Congress now at (888) 804-8311 and voice your opposition to Fast Track for the TPP.

Calling only takes a minute, but it delivers a powerful message to Congress that constituents are watching them on this issue. Together, our calls and emails stopped Fast Track in the last session — and together we can stop Fast Track for good this year.  Please call now.