Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Join us for a webinar: Pentagon Budget 101



Just How Big is the Pentagon Budget? 

Faith Perspectives on Pentagon Spending

Join us for a webinar!


Wednesday, October 29 3:00-4:00 PM EST 

Join policy experts from national faith advocacy organizations in a discussion about U.S. Pentagon Spending and federal budget priorities.

As we wind down from over a decade of war, Pentagon spending should come down. U.S. Pentagon spending is excessive and starves other vital programs and contributes to the militarization of our foreign and domestic policy. This year’s Census data revealed that in 2013, roughly one out of five children in the U.S. lived in poverty. Just a reminder that though the U.S. leads the world in military strength, it is desperately lacking in other capacities. As members of the faith community, our engagement with policy is rooted in spiritual conviction. In seeking a world that is free from war and the threat of war we must examine its true costs.

Please join us for this important discussion.

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