Tuesday, March 11, 2014

J. Herbert Nelson Speaks Out Against Discrimination

Earlier today, Office of Public Witness Director, J. Herbert Nelson, published an editorial, Discrimination in the Name of Jesus: How “religious liberty” is becoming Discrimination by Another Name, that he co-authored with the Reverend James C. Perkins, President-elect of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, founded in 1961 to advance Rev. Martin Luther King’s vision for civil rights. 

Tomorrow, Mississippi will vote on legislation similar to the bill vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona and abandoned in other states. This law would allow businesses to discriminate against the gay community and others on the basis of religion. You can read more about this here.

The voices of Christian leaders are needed to send a strong message that discrimination is unacceptable under the guise of religious liberty.

If you would like to raise your voice to counter this campaign of religion-justified discrimination, please join our partners by adding your name to this letter: http://tinyurl.com/ClergyAgainstDiscrimination

The letter concludes, “when we seek to codify legislation that discriminates against any class of people—no matter our diverse theological beliefs about marriage—we tarnish the treasure of religious freedom and the highest ideals of our democracy. Most of all, we are complicit in violating the Golden Rule that unites us as Christians—to love God and our neighbor as we love ourselves.”