Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Support Fair Appropriations!

In the recent Fiscal Year 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill, the House Appropriations Committee violated the Budget Control Act agreement by approving $512.5 billion for the Pentagon, or about $15 billion more than the deficit reduction law allows in FY 2014. The House Armed Services Committee went even further, approving a base budget for the Pentagon of $526.6 billion. The House Appropriations Committee also cuts $20.6 billion more than the law calls for in all the other programs subject to the sequester cuts.

The Budget Control Act agreement of 2011 specifies that all sequester cuts must be split equally between defense and non-defense spending, but many of these appropriations come at a high cost to programs which provide for our brothers and sisters in need. As people of faith, we find it unacceptable to restrict aid for human needs in favor of bolstering the military-industrial complex.

To view the text of this bill, follow these links: and

We believe that as a nation we must shift our focus away from reacting to issues and conflicts, and instead proactively invest in programs and policies that promote true human security through peace building and the restoration of communities both at home and abroad. The cuts to non-defense discretionary spending take this country in the opposite direction, with the long-term impact threatening to inflict unimaginable damage to programs and services that our most vulnerable neighbors rely on.

We cannot afford to spare the Pentagon from cuts while placing further burden on programs that provide for fundamental but less attended-to security needs of our communities: investments in job creation, education, healthcare, the environment, and non-military peace-building engagement with the world.

Please urge your representatives to take steps to responsibly restrain Pentagon spending as a move toward ensuring the true human security that we all seek.