Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Register Now for Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day and Ecumenical Advocacy Days! April 5-8, 2013

Cynthia E. White, Director of Self-Development of People, and Rev. Noelle Damico, Associate for Fair Food, will be speaking at Compassion, Peace, and Justice Training Day!

Go to http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/washington/
to register and for more information.

Cynthia White

Self-Development of People works with groups of economically poor and oppressed people who have organized to address issues impacting them and their community. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the issues, how communities are coming together, and how you can help. Hear how Self-Development of People, through its many Committees across the country, is engaged with communities of need and how you can become involved in this ministry.

 Noelle Damico

The Rev. Noelle Damico is Associate for Fair Food within the Presbyterian Hunger Program. She fosters the church’s participation in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Campaign for Fair Food, sits on the GAMC human trafficking roundtable, and writes and speaks on issues related to human rights and the gospel. She is a contributor to “Preaching God’s Transformative Justice, ” a lectionary commentary just published in August 2011 by Westminster John Knox Press